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Examples & Testimonials
Examples and Testimonials

ISSUE: State Agency resources new to facilitating Barry Oshry's Organization Workshop, wanted partner in implementation and facilitation. 

PROCESS: Consulted, practiced and co-trained Workshop; Coached facilitation;  Consulted and created strategies to bring more uses for the leadership development models into Agency.
OUTCOME: High Workshop ratings;  increased confidence of co-trainer;  more potential requests for Workshop;  Inter-Agency possibilities for partnership.

ISSUE: City of Minneapolis needed help to create the final reports and implementation plans for the All-Employee Survey in a manner that built leadership capacity in the process. 

PROCESS: Facilitated specially designed meetings that helped resolve conflict;  developed leadership stances for use of information; coached leadership to keep the project on track; created guidebook and advised HR on strategies for most effective approaches with Department Heads. 
OUTCOME: Potentially volatile information became non-media event. 

“Michele asked the questions that needed to be asked and held the space 
for us to answer those questions.”
Susan Hawken, former Chairperson, Great American History Theater

ISSUE: Non-profit had disastrous experience with Board Strategic Planning.
PROCESS: Designed and facilitated a Saturday that oriented volunteer Board to strategic planning and helped them form a structure and plan that guided them over the coming year; coached with EDir and Chair.  

OUTCOME: Board energized; plans were accomplished; Board continued (4 years) to plan annually and grapple with key issues; Strategic Planning Committee took Board to new levels of commitment and began leading the effort.

“You should be proud of where this Board is at! You drove them to the spot 
where they could start steering this organization.”
Joe Sullivan, East Metro Music Academy

ISSUE: Small urban parish wanted to understand extreme drop in Sunday School attendance. 

PROCESS: Created “Every Member Visit” process; created interview questions and trained interviewers; presented findings and facilitated strategic planning. Council continues to integrate and measure against the plan 3 years later. 

OUTCOME: Parish has stronger sense of identity, more involvement in discipleship and is experiencing growth in Sunday School.

“Michele provided us with effective processes to help us get involved in 
our Parish’s direction and to really allow the Spirit to flow through our 
work together."
Senior Pastor Earl Vorpagel, III, Calvary Lutheran, Green Bay, WI

ISSUE: Large church and private school with difficulties in decision-making process due to shifting resources and shifting roles. 

PROCESS: Designed and facilitated participative process where all voices could be heard and the community could make  good decisions while figuring out whether or not to stay together. 

OUTCOME: Split between church and school avoided as combined governance was created; parish and school working collaboratively to host combined events; reduced stress.

"In Michele, we quickly found someone who became a friend to our faith community. She listened to us and built a collaborative process that 
empowered us to identify and take our next faithful steps. As Michele guided 
us the ownership in the process broadened to involve more and more voices 
in the journey. More profoundly, as an organizational development consultant she honored the reality that God was up to something in the process. She invited us to listen for what that might be. We are grateful for her steady leadership." 
Loren Mellum, Senior Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church, North Branch, MN

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