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Services – integrated and individual

Frequently when organization leaders call, they have a “fix” in mind 
and they may or may not know what the problem is.

Where are we now? DISCOVER – REFLECT

Together we learn about your environment.
  • Ask a series of questions of leaders – in person, one-on-one or by phone. 
  • Review my summary with ideas for action. 
  • Bring key leaders together to address  key questions for learning. 
Whether it’s a group of 10 or 1000, taking a snapshot of the organization — mission, goals, environment, culture — is invaluable to understanding what will be most effective for organization success. Based on your definition of success, your organization may or may not be achieving this. Either way, an organization assessment helps us identify what the best next steps are to get to where you want to be.  

And, when an organization assessment is done in a participative manner, staff  engages in the transition causing shifts that will last.

Leaders try to move forward without engaging staff 
and transition is derailed.


Together we create the best way to bring people together  to see and own a positive future.
  • Identify the key question that needs to be addressed and who needs to be in the room.
  • Review the  design I create for you that leads to answering this question while weaving people together. 
  • Facilitate the design in a manner that ensures intended outcome is accomplished. 
Key meetings need careful attention to design and skilled planning to accomplish what is intended. This planning plus skilled facilitation brings peole together so that there is  ownership of what is decided. 

It’s one thing to create a plan. 
It’s another to work it.

How do we get there? IMPLEMENT – CONSULT

Together we identify specific clear steps to move forward.
  • Summarize findings in understandable language and recommend next steps. 
  • Review findings and  next steps deciding how best to engage others. 
  • Follow up on accomplishments including celebration. 
Taking an organization-wide, long-term view leads to insights and recommendations about how to live into a desired future.

These services are also commonly known as: Organization Assessment, Visioning, Strategic Planning, Transition Planning, Team Building, Leadership Development and Coaching.

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